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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Links to this post

Can you see how this footstep disturb silence of desert?

Me and Sera during walking.We were so tired and thirsty !

I am so funny in this picture!My shadow has wear skirt !! Hehe !

Compare me and this little Kalout !

We climb up this hill!

Start of our exciting journy !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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I went to Shahdad desert on vacation. It takes about three days.It was wondefull .Shahdad is located in Kerman. we were on a train for the first night and I couldn’t sleep well.In fact I was a little excited.I could’nt stop thinking about what would going on.We spent a night in a desert .It was a new experience for me.

Silenc e,sky that was full of shiny stars..Everything was so simple...Full of life..we were too close to God.

The tour members gathered together ,for walking a distance in that dark.we were walking far from the camp site,singing together .I was a little scared even I didn’t see where I put my steps .Our ways was just lighted with flashlights.There were some other people who play music in that dark.Their sounds was near though they were too far from us.On the second day we have planed to walk in Kalot.We walked about ten kilometer.Wow it was a long distance and I suffered from heat stroke! But I gain my health a little after .We were all tired .we rest under the shades of Kalouts sometimes,Then we continue our way to road again.

It was so Woww(I repeated for one hundered times!!).I wish I would go there once again! On the third day we went to Kerman for visiting Ganjalikhan bathroom ,museums and Mesgarha bazar.Kerman have got special sweets that are named Kolompe.It’s a cookie which filled with date and it have a very pleasant taste.I’m so happy now,that I have got a chance to see these beautiful sightseeing which I NEVER forget !

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