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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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This is your first photo my dear nephew.I love you so much ,You bring joy and happiness to our life.

Happy Birthday My dear Rayan !You are a hero..!
Always remember that I love you so much!


You are the gift of our God !
Love you so much !

Date of Birth: 29/9/2010-7/7/1389 On Wednesday
Time of Birth: 9:40 AM

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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This is an awesome website which contains of 30 minutes high quality rain fall sound.
By listening to this sound you will be relax.Mostly I advice you to listen to it after a hard working day.I hope you will enjoy it as mine .

Rainy mood

Great thanks to my friend who introduced this to me !

With hopes and smiles !

Friday, September 24, 2010

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How simple it is to make a difference in the lives of others !
So let's share our smiles !

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Sounds of nature !
Many Scientist belive nature sounds have got healing power.And they are best for curing and resting souls and mind.

So I thought it''s good to share these sounds and having some relaxation.
I am so interested in sounds of Dolphins,and i wish for swiming with them one day.they seem so kind and domestic also I like watching their swimming.


Ancient Greek mariners listened to the sounds of dolphins through the hulls of their ships.

People have been fascinated by dolphin sounds for millennia. Yet, we still don't know what 'they' are talking about!

Dolphin sounds fall into several main categories:

Whistles: which are unique to each individual animal - much like our own voices. It appears that dolphins use these 'signature whistles' like we use names. You often hear a loud whistle from a nearby dolphin, followed by a similar sounding whistle from another dolphin. Sort of like a sound 'handshake' or greeting.

Clicks: which are generally used for some form of echolocation. Echolocation works like 'radar' and is used by dolphins to find food - like schooling fish. The dolphin makes a 'click' which travels through the water, bounces off an object like a fish, and then hears the echo.

Chirps: which are tones of varying frequency - their purpose is not known.

These dolphin sounds are well within the hearing range of people. While echo location clicks can range up to about 150,000 Hz (about 8 times higher than the normal human hearing range), a lot of these clicks occur at frequencies as low as about 2,000 Hz. So people can easily hear them with the proper hydrophone (underwater microphone).

It is reported that cetaceans have a large portion of their brains devoted to auditory senses. Therefore they may be able to convert sound into an acoustic image in a section of their brains which allows them to 'see' in the darkness of the ocean, or in the murky waters of river deltas. There are many 'noise' sources in the ocean that could act to 'illuminate' objects with sound that cetaceans detect. For example, in shallow tropical and semi-tropical waters, snapping shrimp product continuous 'clicking' noises. These may allow cetaceans to 'see' fish without the need to use their own echo location - which might alert fish of their presence. Further out in the ocean, ambient sounds from wave action may serve the same purpose.

For hearing different sounds of dolphins which are categorize by their race check this link And this link

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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When I am too busy and there is no time for enough rest,I nag about my situation and hope that I could have just a free time to be relax !

When my days last so long and I don't have any especial work to do I nag about my situation again and hope for busy time and a satisfactory job !!

So Now I just lough and know that Life is just the joy of a moment that has been passed !So enjoy It !

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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My sister is going to give birth by the end of this month.And I am going to be a lucky aunt !Predominantly a kind one !
I must help her during the labor process ! So lucky for having this chance !It's a hard job!
And I trying to be away from stresses of upcoming days.This waiting means so much for us in every minutes and each seconds !

Go Mona! Go Mona ! You're my dearest lovely sister in the world ! :*

Love you and your little angel son

Waiting for the right days !

Monday, September 6, 2010

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سوره حج برای من یکی از آرامش بخش ترین سوره های قرآنه برای همین تصمیم گرفتم که بخشی از ترجمه ی آیات اولش رو در وبلاگم بنویسم و به این فکر کردم که خدای توانا با این همه عظمت و بزرگی نا محدود که در خیالم نمی گنجه و از درکم بیرونه در کلام خودش میگه (روز قیامت بسیار حادثه ی بزرگ و واقعه ی سختی خواهد بود) این ( بزرگ ) چه مفهومی داره

به نام خدای بخشنده ی مهربان

ای مردمان خداترس و پرهیزکار باشید که زلزله ی روز قیامت بسیار حادثه ی بزرگ و سختی خواهد بود (1)چون هنگامه آن روز بزرگ را مشاهده کنید هر زن شیرده طفل خود را از هول فراموش کند و هر آبستن بار رحم را بیفکند و مردم را از وحشت آن روز بیخود و مست بنگری در صورتیکه مست نیستند و لیکن عذاب خدا سخت است (که از هول آن مردم چون مست و مدهوشند)(2)برخی از مردم از جهل و نادانی در کار خدا جدل می کنند و از پی شیطان گمراه کننده روند (3)در لوح تقدیر چننی فرض لازم شده که هر کس شیطان را دوست دارد و پیشوای خود سازد وی او را گمراه کند و از پی هر شیطان گمراه کننده روند (4) ای مردماگر شما در روز قیامت و قدرت خدا بر بعث مردگان شک و ریبی دارید بدانید که ما شما را نخست از خاک آفریدیم آنگاه از آب نطفه آنگاه از خون بسته آنگاه از پاره ی گوشت تمام و ناتمام تا در این انتقال و تحولات قدرت خود را بر شما آشکار سازیم و از نطفه ها آنچه را مشیت یا تعلق گیرد و در رحم ها قرار دهیم تا بوقتی معین طفلی چون گوهر از صدف رحم بیرون آریم تا زیست کرده و بحد بلوغ و کمال برسد و برخی از شما در این بین بمیرد و برخی بسن پیری و دوران ضعف و ناتوانی برسد تا آنجا که که پس از دانش و هوش خرف شود و هیچ فهم نکند.زمین را بنگری وقتی خشک و بیگیاه باشد آنگاه باران بر آن فرو باریم تا سبز و خرم شود و تخم ها در آن نمو کنند و از هر نوع گیاه زیبا برویاند(5)این آثار قدرت دلیل است که خدای قادر حق است و او البته مردگانرا زنده خواد کرد و او محققا بر هر چیز تواناست (6)

صدق الله علی العظیم
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I am practicing on my IELTS examination these days and spend the rest of time studying about my project.Days can not just stop for me and I must run as fast as they passing ...

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It's going to be a months!
A long time that I focused on my idea.And nothing made me stop,Even tiredness.The fact is my hopes don't let me give up .Life gonna change every day and I must just accept this temporarily terrestrial globe..
Days are passing so fast and they don't wait for tired people..
I have missed my exercise.Actually I know how to cure my self but I am a little bit afraid,cause I must start again.I don't care.. No way So Let' start again from the first step.

With hopes

Friday, August 27, 2010

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شب قشنگیه ..ماه هم در آسمان می درخشه ..
به نظرم زندگی مفهوم ساده ای داره و اون هم سخت نگرفتن و شاد بودنه...لبخند زدن و فکر کردن و ساده بودن و وابسته نبودن به هیچ..
ساده بودن در این دوره زمونه واقعا خطرناکه ..وبه نظرم نمیشه همیشه لبخند داشت
برای همین از ارتباط با کودکان لذت می برم ..
چون در مفقابلشون باید خالص باشی و شاد و مثل خودشون لبخند بزنی ..جالبه اگر کودکی در نزدیکمون باشه تمام سعی و تلاشمون رو میکنیم تا بخنده و صدای خنده اش رو بشنویم و از خنده اش ما هم لبخند بزنیم..چرا دیدن لبخند بچه اینقدر دلنشینه و چرا در مورد خیلی از آدم ها این حسو نداریم ؟ تمام حالات یک کودک حقیقیه !وقتی دردش میاد .وقتی می ترسه و وقتی شاده و..برای اون همه چیز آشکاره و دلیلی هم نمیبینه که پنهانش کنه .و اصلا انتظار هم نمیره که کودکی احساساتشو پنهان کنه.
نمیدونم چرا وقتی آدم سنش بالا میره یاد میگیره که نقاب بزنه نه فقط یک نقاب بلکه چندین عدد .فاصله ی روح و دل کجا و صورت حقیقی کجا .ای کاش کمی خالص تر بودیم ...

چیز هایی هست که نمی دانم
می دانم سبزه ای را بکنم خواهم مرد
می روم بالا تا اوج من پر از بال و پرم
راه می بینم در ظلمت من پر از فانوسم
من پر از نورم و شن
و پر از دار و درخت
پر از راه از پل از رود از موج
پرم از سایه ی برگی در آب
چه درونم تنهاست

There are thing that I dont know
If i pull out a tuff of grass I'll die,that I know.
I fly all the way to the pinnacle,I am all wings.
I can see my way in the dark ,I am a lantern..
I am all light and sands
and trees and foliage.
I am a road,a bridge,a river,waves.
I am full of the reflection of a leaf in water:
Oh how lonely I feel inside.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Getting close to the end of summer makes me unhappy since I hadn't got the chance to climb Damavand mountain.
I had lots of dream about it..oopps !
Sometime it is not the same as we want !Noway I hope for it !
One day I will feet on your hard stone body! yeah!!

I am practicing on my English examination almost everyday.I like it..I like working on my English.

Wishing for great days

Friday, August 20, 2010

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کم و بیش به شرایط روزه داری عادت کردم و حسابی خونه نشین شدم.حتی تمرینات ورزشیم رو هم در خونه انجام میدم و کمتر بیرون می رم.عجب حال و هوای قشنگی داره این ماه صرف نظر از کبود شدن از فرط کمبود انرژی در ساعات آخر روز ..!!سفره های افطار واقعا برای من پر معنا هستند و بازم خدا رو شکر میگم که می تونم در کنار خانواده ام کنار این سفره باشم.طفلک مادرم !یا مشغول درست کردن سحریه یا افطاری!و انگار هرچه تلاش میکنم ازکارهاش کم کنم از خستگی هاش کم نمیشه که نمیشه
دیروز که برای خوردن سحری بیدارم کرد ..حسابی گیج خواب بودم و توی تاریکی کلی به در و دیوار خوردم و به این فکر میکردم که مادرم با چه زحمتی ما رو بیدار می کنه و اصلا خواب به چشماش نمیاد و ..و در حالیکه از اتاق بیرون می اومدم مامان دوباره اومد تو اتاق و بهم گفت نگاه کرد و گفت چرا بلند نمیشی ؟؟ !!
و من همینطور متعجب به تخت خالیه خودم نگاه می کردم !

خلاصه هر سحر ما خاطره ای برای خودش داره..!

Friday, August 13, 2010

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It's been such a long time that I didn't write anything !
But the point it what has happened in this period was so charming!
First I started rock climbing and now bouldering is my favorite sport.I dont know how I became a fan of such sport but I could say everything has happened by accident.So I practice it about one hour every day .And it gaves me such a strong energy and power .And i like it so much
Mental thinking ,technical acting and physically behavior have the same part in this sport.So it's a completed one!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

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سفر مرا به زمین های استوایی برد
و زیر سایه آن"بانیان" سبز تنومند
چه خوب یادم هست
عبارتی که به ییلاق ذهن وارد شد :

"وسیع باش و تنها و سربه زیر و سخت "

من از مصاحبت آفتاب می آیم کجاست سایه
ولی هنوز قدم گیج انشعاب بهار است
و بوی چیدن از دست باد می اید
و حس لامسه پشت غبار حالت نارنج
به حالت بیهوشی ست.
در این کشاکش رنگین کسی چه می داند

که سنگ عزلت من در کدام نقطه ی فصل است ؟
هنوز جنگل ابعاد بیشمار خودش را
نمی شناسد .
هنوز برگ سوار حرف اول باد است
هنوز انسان چیزی به آب می گوید
و در ضمیر چمن جوی یک مجادله جاریست
و در مدار درخت
طنین بال کبوتر حضور مبهم رفتار آدمی زاد است.
صدای همهمه می آید
و من مخاطب تنهای بادهای جهانم
و رودهای جهان رمز پاک محو شدن را به من می آموزند
فقط به من

The journey took me to tropical lands
And under the shade of a big and verdant banyan
I so well remember
the phrase that entered the cool abode of my mind:
"Be large,be on your own,be modest and hard"
I am back from a session with the sun
Where's the shade?
But my step is still giddy from the spring's break-up
and the wind's fingers smell of picking
and the sense of touch lies senseless
behind the hazy state of fragnant oranges
in this solourful tug of war ,who know
at which point of the season
lies my rock of solitude?
As yet the forest has not discovered
the full expanse of its countless dimensions
and the leaf continue to ride
the first letter of the wind
and man continues to talk to water
and in the mind of the meadow
there still flows the stram of an argument
and in the tree's circuit
the echoes of a dove's wings
signal the ambiguous presence of human activity .
I can hear a hum of voices
and i am the sole target of the world's winds,
and the world's rivers teach me

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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من به آغاز زمین نزدیکم .
نبض گلها را میگیرم.آشنا هستم با سرنوشت تر آب عادت سبز درخت .
روح من در جهت تازه ی اشیا جاریست
روح من کمسال است.
روح من گاهی از شوق سرفه اش می گیرد.
روح من بی کار است:
قطره های باران را درز آجرها را می شمارد.
روح من گاهی مثل یک سنگ سر راه حقیقت دارد.
من ندیدم دو صنوبر را دشمن با هم
من نیدیدم بیدی سایه اش را بفروشد به زمین
رایگان می بخشد نارون سایه اش را به کلاغ
هرکجا برگی هست شور من می شکفد
بوته ی خشخاشی شست و شو داده مرا در سیلان بودن
مثل بال حشره وزن بودن را می دانم
مثل یک گلدان می دهم گوش به موسیقی روییدن
مثل زنبیل پر از میوه تب تند پر از رسیدن دارم
مثل یک ساختمان لب دریا نگرانم به کشاکش های بلند ابدی
تا بخواهی خورشید تا بخواهی پیوند تا بخواهی تکثیر
من به سیبی خوشنودم
و به بوییدن یک بوته بابونه
من به یک آیینه یک بستگی پاک قناعت دارم
زندگی رسم خوشایندی است
زندگی بال و پری دارد با وسعت مرگ
پرشی دارد اندازه ی عشق
زندگی چیزی نیست که از یاد من و تو برود
زندگی جذبه ی دستی ست که می چیند
زندگی نوبر انجیر سیاه در دهان گس تابستان است
زندگی بعد درختان است به چشم حشره
زندگی تجربه یشپره در تاریکسیت
زندگی حس غریبیست که یک مرغ مهاجر دارد
زندگی سوت قطاریست که در خواب پلی می پیچد
زندگی دیدن یک باغچه از شیشه ی مسدود هواپیماست
خبر رفتن موشک به فضا
لمس تنهایی ماه
فکر بوییدن گل در کره ای دیگر
زندگی مجذئر آییه است
زندگی گل به توان ابدیت
زندگی ضرب زمین در ضربان دل ما
زندگی هندسه ی ساده و یکسان نفسهاست
هرکجا هستم باشم
آسمان مال من است.
پنجره فکر هوا عشق زمین مال من است
چه اهمیت دارد
گاه اگر می رویند
قارچ های غربت

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I was decided to climb Tochal mountain last saturday.
I t w a s f a n t a s t i c!
The weather was so cool and everything was so fine..i start to clime at 7:15 Am.I reached to Shirpala at 9:45 and i had a break near the waterfall with a lovely view which i never forget.Even I can feel the small drops of water on my face.I continue my way to Sange Siah(Amiri shelter),It was so silent and the songs of butterfly and bees was everywhere i was alone with myself walking through and thinking .. Beside I watched my steps and controled heart beat which helped me to save my from the start to the end i climb at the same rate and it was so helpful .That means it helps me to continue my way without being so tired or a having a long break so i just have a short (15 min break)between Amiri shelter and Tochal..
When i was getting close to the top i start to walk faster and faster..I needed to do that .I was getting out of breath but it was ok and i really liked to be fast !

Finally When I reach the top I sat down,lean to my pack and closed my eyes,I slept for about 15 minutes,It was wonderful.Each times when I opened my eyes i saw Damavand mountain it was all the best moment that I had .It was exactly in front of me..
I was so happy then!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

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I am as strong as the wind !I am not storm nor breeze..I am free...
My mind can fly easily with my soul in every where .I got nothing but i have got everything ..I have all the thing i need.I am just following the way that is mine! I am just following my moon and stars! I can see the tops there are miles a way from me and i must reach them .I must be strong !
Neither sadness nor my obstacles can stop me ! I am walking in this darkness searching for light !
Like being at the bottom of a deep well, just looking the tops and feeling the light!
I can reach it I know that !

I will return to this post one day,Telling you about the results!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

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با خودم فکر میکنم که شروع یک حرکت چقدر نیاز به هدف و دلیل داره ؟
به یاد میارم که هروقت بی حاشیه مسیری رو شروع کردم و در اون گام برداشتم بیشتر از نتیجه راضی بودم تا زمانی که در پی دلیلی اون رو طی کردم.. وقتی به دنبال تجربه هستم خودم رو به راه می سپرم..بی بهانه.. که خود دلیل در حین راه آشکار میشه.

I believe starting a path without thinking about what will happen next is more effective than thinking about it's causes.Because It's reasons will be presented by going through it..

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قایقی خواهم ساخت
خواهم انداخت به آب
دور خوام شد از این خاک غریب
که در آن هیچ کسی نیست که در بیشه ی عشق
قهرمانان را بیدار کند
قایق از تور تهی
و دل از آرزوی مروارید
همچنان خواهم راند.
نه به آبی ها دل خواهم بست
نه به دیا-پریانی که سر آب به در آرند
و در آن تابش تنهایی ماهی گیران
می فشانند فسون از سر گیسوهاشان
همچنان خواهم خواند
همچنان خواهم راند
پشت دریاها شهریست
که در آن پنجره ها رو به تجلی باز است
بام ها جای کبوتر هایی ست که به فواره ی هوش بشری می نگرند.
دست هر کودک ده ساله ی شهر شاخه ی معرفتی ست
مردم شهر به یک چینه چنان می نگرند
که به یک شعله به یک خواب لطیف
خاک موسیقی احساس تو را می شوند
و صدای پر مرغان اساطیر می آید در باد
پشت دریاها شهریست
قایقی باید ساخت..
برای دوست خوبم سحر!..
I 'll build myself a boat
and launch it on the sea
I'll sail away from this strange land
Where no one awakens the heroes
in the forest of love
My boat has no net
and my heart desires no pearl
I'll sail on and on
I'll not lose my heart to blue vistas
nor to the mermaids that rise from the water
and,in the intense solitude of the fishermen,
radiate charm from the tips of their tresses
I'll sing on
I'll sail on.
There is a city beyond the seas,
Where the windows open to elightment
where on the roofs,pigeons stare at the fountains of human intelligence.
and where each ten-year old holds a branch of inner knowledge.
The people of this city contemplate a mude wall
as if it were a flame ,or a lovley dream.
There,the earth hears the music of your feelings,
and the wind brings the sound of mythical birds on the wing.
Beyond the seas,there's a city !
I must build myself a boat...
Sohrab Sepehri
In memory of my dear friend " Sahar"

Monday, March 29, 2010

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I think it will be a good advertisement for denim.hehe! :)

I really like his eyes here !

Can you guess how many cats are in this bucket!! :)


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We were invited to a rural wedding ceremony.It was really cool! I have got the chance to see the
traditional customs of wedding.The most beautiful part of it was dancing.Men and woman all danced together in orderly lines.It was so nice ! Everything was colorful.Specially dresses of woman !

Margon waterfall..Nice Waterfall..

Far away in the left corner of picture there is a village ..

I just put these acorn together!And at last I enjoyed the shape !

Yasouj waterfall is popular with young people and for picnics. Nearby Naragah village features an ancient mound where recent archaeological excavations have uncovered pottery and burial sites.

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Happy New Year ! Happy Spring !

Flowers of our garden !

Friday, March 26, 2010

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Hope !
It's all I have got !
God !
The unique kind lord who gives me this gifts..

"Dear God You know It's so amazing thinking about you !"

I was a week alone with myself,Thinking about different parts of my life.All the things that I have and the things that I lost or too eager to get them in future.I asked myself too many times that "Am I happy with my life ?? " Still no answer..
But there are some flash points that come to my mind every moment.I know deeply in my heart that I am so hopeful with my life.Whatever the shapes of life is,Bad or good either worthless or valuable.I like it..And I want to share my hopes to all hopeless people.. It's what I am..And If I do that..I will be happy with my life then.

So my friends I am here ,in this extended world, ready to share hopes..

Monday, March 22, 2010

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Once open a time there was a little silent girl whose name was Afsaneh .... More

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May I take your time for a moment please ?

Dear friends
Just think about your chlidehood..
No matter if you close your eyes and think about how much fun did you have with your family also your close friends ! It is a gloriest period of life for those who have had nice memory of that time .Like me ! :)
Can you just imagine LIFE of a child with a harsh decease like CANCER... ?
It's so hard for me but I DO know they are still a child .They need to laugh and be alive the same as the others ! And you know what make me sad ? Their parents ! May God give them patience !
I just respect them ...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

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As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows approaching me
And to those who I left behind
I wanted YOU to know
You've always shared my deepest thoughts
You follow where I go

Oh when I am OLD and WISE

Bitter words mean little to me
Autumn Winds will blow right through me
And some day in the mist of time
When they ask me If I know YOU
I'd smile and and say you were a friend of mine
And the sadness will be lifted from my eyes

Oh when I am OLD and WISE
As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows surrounding me
And to those who I leave behind
I wanted YOU all to know
You've always shared my darkest hours
I'll miss you when I go
And Oh when I am OLD and WISE
Heavy words that tossed and blew me
Like autumn winds that will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they ask you If you knew me
Rememeber that you were a friend of mine
As the final curtains falls before my eyes
Oh when I am OLD and WISE
Songwriters: Parsons, A;Woolfson, E

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Can you see how this footstep disturb silence of desert?

Me and Sera during walking.We were so tired and thirsty !

I am so funny in this picture!My shadow has wear skirt !! Hehe !

Compare me and this little Kalout !

We climb up this hill!

Start of our exciting journy !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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I went to Shahdad desert on vacation. It takes about three days.It was wondefull .Shahdad is located in Kerman. we were on a train for the first night and I couldn’t sleep well.In fact I was a little excited.I could’nt stop thinking about what would going on.We spent a night in a desert .It was a new experience for me.

Silenc e,sky that was full of shiny stars..Everything was so simple...Full of life..we were too close to God.

The tour members gathered together ,for walking a distance in that dark.we were walking far from the camp site,singing together .I was a little scared even I didn’t see where I put my steps .Our ways was just lighted with flashlights.There were some other people who play music in that dark.Their sounds was near though they were too far from us.On the second day we have planed to walk in Kalot.We walked about ten kilometer.Wow it was a long distance and I suffered from heat stroke! But I gain my health a little after .We were all tired .we rest under the shades of Kalouts sometimes,Then we continue our way to road again.

It was so Woww(I repeated for one hundered times!!).I wish I would go there once again! On the third day we went to Kerman for visiting Ganjalikhan bathroom ,museums and Mesgarha bazar.Kerman have got special sweets that are named Kolompe.It’s a cookie which filled with date and it have a very pleasant taste.I’m so happy now,that I have got a chance to see these beautiful sightseeing which I NEVER forget !

See my photos in gallery .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

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What a good day walking a long distance with a nice friend .It was a good time to learn too much thing .Thank's my friend.

I want to appreciate two groups of people.

  • First those who learn me that the world is the most dirty place that God have created. Even if you dont want to be as bad as they are,You are force to trust them and by this you learn how cruelty rule the world.
  • second those who teach me the world is the most heavenly place that have been ever created. The good people who you dont want to lose them any time.Their guidance help us like a shiny light exactly when we dont know which way is ours.They show us how these hidden beauties of our life is visible and too close tous.Second group is what i love the most.
  • What's do you think about it ? is there a third group ?
What ?
Do i think as a small kid ?
No matter.I'd like to be like that ! :)
God please dont bring away small happiness from me !!
LOve you the most !

Monday, January 11, 2010

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For long time ago when I was just a little girl,I was so curious about what is behind the mountains!
I was too eager to climb the mountains and see what's behind..One day we did it .Me and my dad !
I think it was the highest point and the most silent !!! Because I'm not a pro climber OR even a good one !He he .. .
But It was not the same as my dreams.Silent and sounds of bee and fly were mixed together.
I learned something nice during climbing and i try to extend it in my life till now.
At the start of climbing I see the top,But by continuing climbing I just look at to my feet!!

That's my dear dad,Tehran-Iran

Friday, January 1, 2010

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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

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What a nice feeling when you are getting closed to some examination.It's the end of term.I have been away from university examinations for about two years and now in MA it's stresses come back again.It's better to make a big time now.
It reminds me the time i was in guidance school. :).Old time stresses !