White poplar: Let’s not muddy the water

Let’s not muddy the water:
Somewhere downstream,a pigeon may be drinking ,

Or in a distant wood,a goldfinch may be washing her feathers.

Or in the village ,a jar may be filling.

Let’s not muddy the water :

Perhabs the current passes by a poplar,

Washing sorrow from some lonely heart.

Perhabs a dervish has dipped his dry bread in it.

The people upstream, they are so serene!

May their springs never dry !

May their cows gush milk forever!

I have not seen their village.

Besides their wattles, there’s no doubt the footprint of God.

There, the moon batches in light the expanse of the Word

In the village upstream, the mud walls are no doubt kept low.

The villagers know the red poppy ,when it blooms.

There, blue is a true blue, no doubt.

When a flower opens ,It’s news.

Oh what a village ! May its alleyways be forever filled with music!

The people upstream appreciate the water.

They have not muddied it.

Let’s also keep the water clear.