What a good day walking a long distance with a nice friend .It was a good time to learn too much thing .Thank's my friend.

I want to appreciate two groups of people.

  • First those who learn me that the world is the most dirty place that God have created. Even if you dont want to be as bad as they are,You are force to trust them and by this you learn how cruelty rule the world.
  • second those who teach me the world is the most heavenly place that have been ever created. The good people who you dont want to lose them any time.Their guidance help us like a shiny light exactly when we dont know which way is ours.They show us how these hidden beauties of our life is visible and too close tous.Second group is what i love the most.
  • What's do you think about it ? is there a third group ?
What ?
Do i think as a small kid ?
No matter.I'd like to be like that ! :)
God please dont bring away small happiness from me !!
LOve you the most !