Hope !
It's all I have got !
God !
The unique kind lord who gives me this gifts..

"Dear God You know It's so amazing thinking about you !"

I was a week alone with myself,Thinking about different parts of my life.All the things that I have and the things that I lost or too eager to get them in future.I asked myself too many times that "Am I happy with my life ?? " Still no answer..
But there are some flash points that come to my mind every moment.I know deeply in my heart that I am so hopeful with my life.Whatever the shapes of life is,Bad or good either worthless or valuable.I like it..And I want to share my hopes to all hopeless people.. It's what I am..And If I do that..I will be happy with my life then.

So my friends I am here ,in this extended world, ready to share hopes..