I was decided to climb Tochal mountain last saturday.
I t w a s f a n t a s t i c!
The weather was so cool and everything was so fine..i start to clime at 7:15 Am.I reached to Shirpala at 9:45 and i had a break near the waterfall with a lovely view which i never forget.Even I can feel the small drops of water on my face.I continue my way to Sange Siah(Amiri shelter),It was so silent and the songs of butterfly and bees was everywhere i was alone with myself walking through and thinking .. Beside I watched my steps and controled heart beat which helped me to save my energy.so from the start to the end i climb at the same rate and it was so helpful .That means it helps me to continue my way without being so tired or a having a long break so i just have a short (15 min break)between Amiri shelter and Tochal..
When i was getting close to the top i start to walk faster and faster..I needed to do that .I was getting out of breath but it was ok and i really liked to be fast !

Finally When I reach the top I sat down,lean to my pack and closed my eyes,I slept for about 15 minutes,It was wonderful.Each times when I opened my eyes i saw Damavand mountain it was all the best moment that I had .It was exactly in front of me..
I was so happy then!